Ana Ristović


Ana Ristović was born at 5th April 1972. in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1998-2004 she lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Now she lives in Belgrade. She graduated in Serbian language and literature on Faculty of Philology, Belgrade. She has been publishing her poetry since the age of eighteen, and has participated in several festivals of poetry in Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Since now she has been published five books of poetry: Snovidna voda (Dreamwater), 1994; Uže od peska (Rope of sand), 1997; Zabava za dokone kćeri (Party for lazybones daughters), 1999; Život na razglednici (Life on a postcard), 2003; Oko nule, (Round the Zero) 2006;

Her poetry was translated in several languages: Slovenian, Macedonian, German, English, Slovakian, Sweden, Polish and is represented in several anthologies. Her books were translated on Slovenian language ( Življenje na razglednici, 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia), Slowakian (Pred tridsiatkou, 2001, Banska Bystrica, Slowakia), and German language ( So dunkel, so hell, 2007, Salzburg, Austria.)

Poetry awards:

– Book award - Branko Radičević for the best first book of poetry in Serbia (for the book Dreamwater), 1994.

 – Book award - Branko Miljković (for the book Party for the Lazybone Daughters), 2000.

– German award - Hubert Burda Preis for the best young East and South European poetry, 2005.

Fellowships: Fellowship of German foundation Literarisches Coloquium Berlin, under the program for East European writers and journalists, in January 2005.

She is member of: Srpsko književno društvo (Serbian Association of Writers), Serbian P.E.N. Center, and Association of Literary Translators of Serbia and an active translator from Slovenian and English language. Since now she has been translated ten prose and poetry books from Slovenian language, and one book from English language (Toby Litt, Exhibitionism, 2006).


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