Augustin Cupşa

Augustin Cupsa

Augustin Cupşa (1980) studied at the University of Medicine and works as a psychiatrist in Bucharest. He is currently preparing his PhD thesis. He made his literary debut with a volume of poetry in 2005 with Constructed / reconstructed present. One year later he published a novel, The Perforators, which won several literary awards. Excerpts of this parabolic sarcastic odyssey in prose have been translated into French and appeared in literary e-magazines. His short script “The train for Bucharest leaves from the 3 rd platform” received a HBO Romania prize and “Oh, Johnny, oh” was nominated for best script at Anonimul International Film Festival. Since then he has worked as a scriptwriter in television projects. He received a European Alliance for Television and Culture bursary in 2006 and participated to “Les Jeux du Francophonie” in 2009, Beirut. In 2010, Cupşa was invited to Literaturwerkstatt, Berlin for a public reading among other writers in the Rumaniche Quasiliteratur programme. He is preparing a new book, a collection of his best short stories. Augustin Cupşa is a member of the literary group Les Suites du Phenix (


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