Giorgos Chantzis in translation: poems


to Eleni Vakalo

Ηow do we expect the CERN experiment

Another fall like as I am not

Letting go of your hand
While you move away

And these meters look like a feeling


to H.V. < J.A.< F..P.

The hand is stressed to reach the lens
The face for a moment is disfigured
If it stops now it will kiss an existing image
I will remember you ever and ever
I will remember you after my death
You wouldn’t expect me to be voiced in this way
This is not me
It is the subject of this poem
This is living now not the hands and the eye above it
It is looking how to place its hand
(in such a manner this time)
So that
it gives all its love
(no matter how much you need)

Nevertheless this is a historical poem
between two mirrors
As long as our love can make up history


mr. archie passed through north carolina with a trombone
improvising; along the way he formed a band

what is the meaning of adjectives

if not the assault on meaning by means of sound?

descriptions of obsolete emotions: poetry

whatsatstakeisthisss : the wagtail’s ssslithering
(which is non existent: the wagtail neither wags its tail nor slithers)

taken further the analogy between one oxymoron and another:
as an instrument to investigate the future:

a nice bench with an ancestor on it sitting cross-legged

– what is he doing?
– he’s eating popcorn in anticipation! poetry

starts: after crushing the yin-yang medallion
while a russian roulette of bitter seeds keeps turning!

(on his knees) please: no more moving speeches
no more: light eyes blue body blood:

a form of resistance to the sickly sweet connotations of words

which topali strikes down: the sparkling firework of noble breed
elytis – elytis paaa! tsaaa!

(indeed, how is the import checked of non inductive reasoning
when the monitoring is done by boxes

within boxes in the depths of the mental landscape?)

what if everything has been shifted from drama →irony and vice versa
the lightheadedness remains caused by the possibility of non-existence

and the deep in breaths, the attributes of the catalyst
which dislodges all humid constants while it becomes plain

whatever is there for one spark and one alone …due to lack of oxygen

imaginary life is bound
and interrogated for red blood cells and premeditation

a thought below a compound of gasses was a newsworthy item
and the I …a doubt that is out of breath


“Ladies and gentlemen velcommen; quiet please; as you can see, that is, as you can’t see, we know not whether our compliant cat is dead or not. Right now, I would ask a member of the revered audience to concede to paying to the order of a reversed proof, a proof anti-poetically literal (and not, one hopes, literally anti-poetical):

What about you, my pretty, lovely, come closer, ready?
ala uno ala due ala tre

(a cat is revealed comprised of innumerable phosphorescent d o t s)

Voila! The feline in love’s place!
to focus on it is to impart to it a form (mandatory)

if not it passes to your left and right → right through you:
is your preference to be enchanted into absence or to observe?

What are you waiting for?

Love, ooh, love is delivered along this experiment’s interpretation before a mirror
while the observing eye is observed – no small thing by any stretch

if you are courting knowledge that already possess
you put before the will’s upper cut to volition

Who, though, can occupy a viewing platform from the inside,
and see, say, the inverted image: no one
since, in order for something to hold meaning, some other thing must hold none

whatsoever, a state regarding which, cherie, we lack all certainty

Unless the cat’s both dead and living!”


'I like to use the languages of the various arts – literature, music, theatre...I think that is the spirit of the modern global era.'- poet Ivan Hristov spoke to SJ Fowler of 3AM magazine about the evolution of the contemporary Bulgarian poetry scene.


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