Netalie Braun in Translation: Hunger


They left me in the forest.

My sister who is me and I

are lost and lost

I've doubled myself because loneliness is

the truest animal

and in the depths of the forest no one speaks my language

(from the poor mouth outward overflowing with darkness,

from the clenched innards to a palate opening ancient fangs)

Memory narrows in the sentence:

The hunger was very great (Description)

I ate and ate and was never sated (Cause)

They left me in the forest (Result)

They left me in the forest (Repeat)

They left me in the forest (Obsessive repetition)

I dream of a candy house

at forest's edge;

inside the house a wide-hipped woman

is waiting

Translated from the Hebrew by Rachel Tzvia Back


Ostavili su me u šumi.

Moja sestra koja je ja i ja

smo se izgubili

Sumnjao sam u sebe jer je usamljenost

najistinskija životinja

a u dubini šume niko ne govori moj jezik

(od siromašnih usta iz kojih izbija tama,

od zgrčenih crijeva do ralja otvorenih drevnim očnjacima)

Pamćenje se sužava u rečenici:

Glad je bila ogromna (Opis)

Jela sam i jeo i nikad bio sit (Uzrok)

Ostavili su me u šumi (Ishod)

Ostavili su me u šumi (Ponavljanje)

Ostavili su me u šumi (Opsesivno ponavljanje)

Sanjam kuću od slatkiša

na kraju šume;

u kući žena širokih bedara




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